application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.documentFSTP Application Form and GuidelineThis document has 2 parts, page 1 to 5 is the application form and page 6 to 11 are the guidelines on how to apply. 10/05/2024492KB
application/pdfBhutan Annual Review 2023Summaries of key achievements of Save the Children Bhutan in 2023. 04/04/202418MB
application/pdfSHIFT Call for Application 2024To apply for SHIFT Campaign, please go through this document. 31/01/2024103KB
application/pdfTOR for CLM CoordinatorApplication template is inside the document24/11/2023103KB
application/pdfTOR for Capacity Building on Advocacy and Communications20/09/2023104KB
application/pdfTOR for Situational Analysis19/09/2023100KB
application/pdfNewsletter Volume 2: October 2022Newsletter Volume 2: October 202209/12/20228MB
application/pdfNewsletter Volume 1: September 2022Save the Children Bhutan will be producing monthly newsletter henceforth to update on activities conducted in the recent months. 22/09/20227MB
application/pdfP2P Baseline ReportThis report highlights the key findings from the Prescription to Play project baseline study. 04/07/20226MB
application/pdfTake Home CardsTake Home Cards04/07/20221MB