Baseline data collection for Bhutan Children's Book Initiative Project

Thursday 9 October 2014

The Baseline data collection for Bhutan Children’s Book Initiative was successfully completed this week with data collected from four districts – two intervention districts (Thimphu & Zhemgang) and two control districts (Paro & Dagana). The data collection was carried out simultaneously in all four districts by four different teams a total of 16 enumerators (8 Boys and 8 Girls) who underwent a week-long rigorous training under the technical assistance provided by Learning & Impact Assessment Advisor of SCUK.

This quasi-experimental study will entail a similar exercise at the end of the project period or an End-line data collection in 2016 for a comparative assessment to identify and substantiate evidences of possible impact of the project on its intended outcomes. Broadly the study will determine variables such as accessibility of books to children, reading habits among children, and book management and how it correlates to enhancing learning outcomes.