Parenting without Violence Common Approach

Thursday 23 June 2022

Workshop on Parenting Without Violence


A Training of the Tutors (TOT) workshop is currently ongoing in Thimphu on Parenting without Violence (PwV) common approach, organized by National Commission for Women and Children (NCWC) with support from Save the Children, Bhutan Office and trainers from Save the Children, Indonesia (virtual lessons). The workshop is a key aspect of the project “Empowering Communities to Address Violence against Children”, with the purpose to help build strong relationships between children and their parents and caregivers to enable them to resolve problems together.

This workshop also highlights the launch of the project whereby the core working group involving stakeholders from the Ministry of Information Communications, the Ministry of Education (Department of Youth and Sports and Department of School Education), the Nazhoen Lamtoen, and the Royal Bhutan Police are being trained on various child development and care sessions under PwV. 

The project has plans to pilot this common approach in Thimphu, Zhemgang and Dagana Dzongkhags. The PwV will work with children, families, teachers and communities to ensure home, school and communities is respectful, nurturing place for children.