Interaction with my child

Wednesday 13 September 2023

Name of storyteller: Daza

Project and location: P2P, Phuentenchu PHC


I first heard about the importance of playing with your child on BBS TV (National TV). Later I came to know more about it from a community sensitization on playful parenting conducted by our Health Assistant (HA) at the Primary Health Center (PHC), especially for parents (both father and mother) of 0-3-year-old children. The parents of 0-3 children from 4 Chiwogs of the Phuentenchu community attended the sensitization and awareness program. During the program, the HA talked about the importance of playing with your child and urged all 0-3 parents to attend the monthly C4CD class at the PHC. That’s how I got involved with C4CD classes/ sessions. Currently, I’ve attended only around 5-6 group sessions. 

After attending the C4CD plus group sessions, I become more conscious of how I interact with my child. I have three children. In the past, with my first two kids, I used to be a little harsh, get irritated easily, and sometimes ignore what my kids would question and ask. However, after attending the group sessions at the PHC, I have now become more conscious while interacting with my present child. Unlike in the past, I don’t shout or scream at my child. Also, I talk to my child while feeding which I never used to do with my earlier two children. 

I consider this significant to me because it has helped me a lot in bringing up my child in a better way. Now I have good knowledge and ideas about the C4CD class. I have also noticed similar changes in 0-3 caregivers (especially mothers) in our community. Everyone in the community acknowledges that C4CD class is very essential for child development. 


One of the factors that contributed to this is mainly due to the hard work, dedication,  and facilitation skills of our HA sir. Our HA sir is very active and when he conducts the C4CD Plus group sessions, he explains it very clearly and gives relevant and practical examples which we can understand and relate to our own experiences.