Community outreach program conducted by select Schools in Paro

Wednesday 24 August 2016

Save the Children secured funding from DipECHO for the Comprehensive Disaster Management Project for the Education Sector which is a joint project of the Department of Disaster Management, Ministry of Education and Save the Children. An important component of the project is the development of a Dzongkhag Disaster Management Plan (DDMP). Paro Dzongkhag was selected as the Pilot Dzongkhag to develop a Dzongkhag Disaster Management Plan under the project.

The DDMP development process began in 2015, the Hazard, Vulnerability, and Capacity Assessment in all ten Gewogs have been completed and the data collected has been used in putting together the Disaster Management (DM) Plan. The DM Plan has been endorsed by the Dzongkhag Disaster Management Committee.

In addition to the development of the Paro DDMP, the need to further engage/involve the community and strengthen linkages between schools and the community was seen to be necessary. In order to establish and strengthen the linkages in the communities, select schools planned and conducted community outreach programs in the ten gewogs from 5th August to 22nd August, 2016 (Shaba Primary School, Woochu Lower Secondary School, Drugyel Central School, Shari Higher Secondary School, Betikha Middle Secondary School, Dawakha Lower Secondary School, Taju Primary School, Gaupel Lower Secondary School, Doteng Lower Seconday School, Lango Middle Secondary School).  The schools identified different ways in which to engage and share Disaster Risk Management knowledge with the communities. The aim of the outreach program was to further strengthen the message of safety and importance of preparedness which would help to move towards Disaster Resilient communities and to promote a culture of safety.