SC Hong Kong learning visit to Bhutan

སྤེན་པ། 20 January 2017

The Program Manager of Save the Children Hong Kong, officials from the Hong Kong Committee on Children's Rights Child and Child Councilors of Kids' Dream visited Save the Children Bhutan from December 26th to January 3rd, 2017 on a learning visit. While in Bhutan, the delegation from Save the Children Hong Kong and Kids’ Dream attended the Annual session of the Bhutan Children’s Parliament in Thimphu. They attended the Bhutan Children’s Parliament (BCP) session in which the BCP members discussed several new draft regulations/ standard operating procedures related to children in conflict with the law (session designed by Save the Children Bhutan and partners from judiciary, office of attorney general and police). The Delegation also held an event in which they shared their Kids’ Dream initiative and Child Councilors experience with the BCP members and teachers. The group also visited the Youth Center and  few Civil Society organizations as part of their learning visit to get a better insight into Save the Children Bhutan Program. The children particularly enjoyed volunteering at the Ability Bhutan Society working with special needs children. This visit was part of a cultural exchange learning visit program which was funded by Save the Children Hong Kong as a capacity building project for both Bhutan Children’s Parliament and Children’s Council in Hong Kong.