Bhutan Children’s Book Initiative

Save the Children has launched another innovative and impact-oriented project this year, known as the ‘Bhutan Children’s Book Initiative’ targeted towards effective learning through improving early grade reading. The project is implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Royal Government of Bhutan, and local publishers.

The initiative being implemented with the vision ‘more Bhutanese children read more and better books’, improving supply, increasing demand and improving the management and use of books in support of learning. The project will cover 65 primary schools and 19 ECCD centres in the two districts of Thimphu and Zhemgang identified as the two project sites.

The Bhutan Children’s Book Initiative (BCBI) is being launched at such a critical time when the quality of education and learning outcomes in Bhutan has become a national concern. The learning crisis among Bhutanese children has been further amplified by a lack of age and context appropriate print materials in contrast to an overwhelming influence and impact from television, internet, and gadgets.

Children reading outside the mobile library bus, Lungtenphu Bus stop