Orientation meeting between Save the Children and partner agencies

མིག་དམར། 4 May 2015

 Save the Children organized an orientation/introductory meeting about Save the Children to GNHC (Gross National Happiness Commission) and RGOB partners on 16th April, 2015. During the meeting various key points were discussed and it was agreed by all stakeholders to have two coordination meetings each year in order to improve coordination of SCI projects in Bhutan, one meeting to be held towards the end of the year between November – December to present and endorse all new proposals to be supported in the following year and the second meeting to take place during mid-year (July) as mid-year review.  Both meetings are to be coordinated by GNHC in collaboration with SCI. The meeting was attended by focal persons from

1.    DDM (Department of Disaster Management)

2.    Royal Bhutan Police

3.    MOE (Ministry of Education)

4.    NCWC (National Commission for Women and Children)

5.    OAG (Office of Attorney General)

6.    BNLI (Bhutan National Legal Institute)

7.    GNHC (Gross National Happiness Commission)

8.    AFD (Administration and Finance Division, MOE)

9.    PPD (Policy and Planning Division, MOE)

10.  and SCI members