Importance of Talking and Playing

ཕུརཔ། 13 September 2023

Name of storyteller: Mamta Rai 

Project and location: Prescription to Play (P2P) Phuentenchhu Primary Health Center, Tsirang District

I participated in the community meeting where mothers like us were invited by HA sir and came to know about the C4Cd class that will teach us young children like talking and playing but we learned about the program more when we started the class. I participate in the class with my daughter and practice activities, sing songs, and go through pictures with my daughter. My daughter is 10 months old, and I have so far attended five sessions.

I have learned a lot of new things about caring for young children after participating in the c4cd class that is after attending five classes. Since this is my first child all classes have been very useful for me, especially breastfeeding.  I learned the importance of talking and playing simple activities with my child with whatever is available like pots and pans, which will help my child’s brain development as HA sir told us that brain development is faster at this time. Since we live in the village we are always busy with other household work and do not find time to play with our child. Now I have learned that I can talk to her when feeding, when I am waiting for something, bathing etc. and also find some time to play games that we learn in the class.

Since I learned that our children’s future is in our hands and we are always worried about other work, the class has taught me to prioritize some time for my baby when I can talk and play with her. The learning that we can play anywhere, talk anytime like sing songs when bathing, feeding, and breastfeeding is very useful for me.

HA sir and the team from the BHU are committed to the class and they always encourage us to attend the class. The children are also familiar with BHU staff and are not scared of them. They are the ones who opened our eyes and we learned so many things about child care and development I am very grateful to them for making me a confident young mother.