སྤེན་པ། 17 March 2017

Country Director's visit to Bhutan

Save the Children Bhutan Country office was pleased to have Ms. Delailah Borja, Country Director for Nepal and Bhutan Country Office in Bhutan. She was here in the country to attend the 13th Round Table Meeting which started on 15th March, 2017. While in Bhutan, she attended the Bhutan Management Team meeting where she was presented with 2017 results and achievements for the three thematic program- Education, Child Protection and Humanitarian and the overall country goals by Program Managers, Coordinators and Officers.

སྤེན་པ། 20 January 2017

SC Hong Kong learning visit to Bhutan

The Program Manager of Save the Children Hong Kong, officials from the Hong Kong Committee on Children's Rights Child and Child Councilors of Kids' Dream visited Save the Children Bhutan from December 26th to January 3rd, 2017 on a learning visit. While in Bhutan, the delegation from Save the Children Hong Kong and Kids’ Dream attended the Annual session of the Bhutan Children’s Parliament in Thimphu.

སྤེན་པ། 23 December 2016

Reaching the children of Zhemgang

 About 115 children from Trong community in Zhemgang participated in the 3rd Winter Youth Programme in Zhemgang Central School. Children from grade IV to XII participated in programmes such as Art, Writing, Photography, Script writing and Film-making, and Fashion Designing using household waste. Besides, the children were also sensitized on disasters risks and how to be safe in school and at home from man-made as well as natural disasters, and on youth-related issues, counseling and peer helping.


སྤེན་པ། 25 November 2016

End of Project Meeting for the ‘Comprehensive Disaster Management Project for the Education Sector’

Save the Children Bhutan Country Office in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Department of Disaster Management, Paro Dzongkhag Administration and the Central Monastic Body successfully completed implementation of the 18 month project titled “Comprehensive Disaster Management Project for the Education Sector’ funded by DiPECHO and Save the Children Norway.

Some of the highlights of this project in this round were:

ཕུརཔ། 24 August 2016

Community outreach program conducted by select Schools in Paro

Save the Children secured funding from DipECHO for the Comprehensive Disaster Management Project for the Education Sector which is a joint project of the Department of Disaster Management, Ministry of Education and Save the Children. An important component of the project is the development of a Dzongkhag Disaster Management Plan (DDMP). Paro Dzongkhag was selected as the Pilot Dzongkhag to develop a Dzongkhag Disaster Management Plan under the project.